A bit chilly but sunny and not too cold to work. We started on one of the larger work orders this morning — and we actually have a full crew today, except for John who still has the flu bug and none of us particularly want to catch it. I like time off but don’t want to get sick to get it 🙂 One of the items on this list was something I mentioned on Friday – some stuck ball valves. The valves are labelled BOB valves which I could not find on the web at all. Of course this was just more informational than trying to find replacements — we are going to put some standard bronze ball valves in the boats that don’t have these sorts of problems.

Hi-quality Bob Valve

The don’t look quite as good on the inside. Notice how the rust has scaled away from the body. They use this in a very expensive boat? If this is a stainless valve than it is some cheap stainless.

Interior break down

The name board had the varnish removed on Friday morning and now the fun part begins — the sanding. And who doesn’t like to sand? Nobody!

Monkey Sanding

We are also chasing down some gelcoat and paint problems. They are minor but what they lacks in size they more than make up for in quantity. Like this fiberglass window frame. Notice all the stress cracks. It may be that the gelcoat is too thick.

This frame is on crack

Also this boat has cabin side deck fills which are a good idea but the powder coated aluminum plate is starting to corrode as is the plate the deckplate is mounted to. We will be stripping and Awlgripping these parts.

Giving the finger to the fuel fills