After a fairly bee-yoo-ti-full weekend we awoke to some bad weather this morning. In fact, it was thundering and lightning before I left the house. My trip to the orthopedic center on Friday was less fruitful  than I hoped as they really didn’t see much improvement in the past 4 weeks, but I am cleared to start taking my walks again though – I’ll just be limping a bit.  Also cleared to drink beer (I think) for medicinal purposes so I did that all weekend – and climbed ladders and did anything else I wanted. Due to the rain work that we had planned to do today got rescheduled and plans were changed. And since the rain may continue through Wednesday we have to change daily to fit the weather patterns. Several boats are in good position to have varnish worked on in this type of weather so Jen and Isai (her trainee) are on the case. This little Blackwater had a lot of tricky taping to do. It has had one coat and is now all sanded for another. The radar that was being prepped the other day has had the corrosion resistant coating and a coat of Awlgrip 545 sprayed on now and is just waiting for the top coat. On a Beneteau the survey suggested checking the keel bolts. I’m not sure how they are going to achieve getting to all these bolts. The keel is WAY down there and this is how they are removing them – with a long extension on a breaker bar through a pile of wire and hose. One guy had to hold the wrench in place with his foot while the other turns the wrench with a pipe on it to increase leverage.