Monday has rolled around again leaving the weekend in it’s wake. We have two guys out on vacation this week — in fact for the rest of the month we always have a least 2 people on vacation – including mine the last week of August.  We started off the day with some minor repair to the recently revived lawn mower. Those guys must be hard on it! We ordered a set of brackets for a marine fire extinguisher that did not come with them. I knew they were expensive for some reason – these things are massive! We did an engine room inspection last week on a boat that is for sale. I’m not going to post all 60 pictures but a couple below give you an idea of what we found in there.  There seemed to have been many leaking issues which caused a lot of equipment rusting and as you know — we don’t like rust and neither do buyers. The main reason the boat was hauled and put in the shed was a bad exhaust riser. The other can’t be far behind and we have a real good source for custom risers. John wanted me to share a nice note that he got from a client last week.