Where the heck is everyone? Everybody had the day off on Friday (except me obviously) and suddenly we have only 3 guys on Monday morning. Of course, once again, I am here since the homing instinct kicks in every morning at this time and I just automatically come to work. We had jobs lined up for today and now nobody available to do them. We did have the guys show up that were working on the Legacy in a last day of pre-prep before rolling the paint on the decks. In addition to cleaning the taping also needs to be done. This is no ten minute job! Willy was the only other guy here today. He was investigating the installation of a new carburetor on the generator of the Chris Craft. If you have a gas generator you do need to recognize the importance of treating your fuel. We will have to paint it before installation. Since I’m struggling for content here, I thought I’d share something I got in my email on Friday: Alan:  Just read your blog and got a smile.  Earlier this year while waiting to get into the fuel dock, the port engine died.  After getting fuel and getting back into the slip we started to analyze the problem as John is doing.  After about half an hour of failure and about to give up I noticed one of the valves on the fuel manifold near the floor boards was in a different position.  I asked my friend what it said under the valve and he said, “Port Engine”.  I said, “Turn it on”, and of course the engine fired right up.  Duh.