I have come to the conclusion that if you are going to take a 3 day weekend, why not make it a 4 day weekend – that would be about 20% better (it’s complicated math but believe me – 20% is the figure).  If I lived in Canada I would probably be off today for Victoria Day. Yet here I am back in the saddle again. We are starting to get the effects of tropical storm Alberto which is to the east of us so we are in for a couple of rainy days. I spent in inordinate amount of time on time sheets today since I had 3 days worth of sheets with people jumping from boat to boat like jack rabbits. Plus I kept being distracted from the task at hand by people sharing too much information. Ah, it’s great to be back. They are running a couple of boats inside today which have jobs to do – one of which is the Albin 28 which is now ready to be primed. We set up the portable tent out by the Bertram so we could do the small parts out next to the boat. There is less 1,000 cubic feet of air in there with no vents. Now I don’t know the exact output of a spray gun but seems to me that it wouldn’t take too long to completely fog the tent and create zero visibility (and breathability). And speaking of painting, evidently the got the second coat of primer on the Rainbow without the camera crew being there. With the current weather condition I’m not sure when this will be back in action. We had one plank to mill for a deck. It is a hit or miss proposition since the boat is not actually here.