Friday was a horrific day which lead to quite the bacchanal evening of beer. It did de-stress me on Friday evening but I still dreaded coming in here today.  My mood has put me in the zero-interest mood for the blog and almost everything else going on around here this morning. It’s amazing how small you feel when you realize no one actually listens to you. Enough whining this morning – I’m going to work with what I have. We had a real nice Southport 26 in storage which is getting shipped out on a truck today. The owner wanted it launched and commissioned before we put it on the truck. He got lucky and talked to John directly and got what he needed. The boat started right up and boy is it quiet! We did get the other boat into the paint tent on Friday but it was amazingly vacant this morning when I went out there. I was hoping to be able to snap a photo the exact moment that Angus hit the water but he is pretty nimble. On the plus side, this is for the last coat of varnish and he can go back to boats that can be reached by ladders and scaffolding.