That was some rain we had over the weekend! It was the first time in a very long time that it rained ALL DAY LONG with virtually no stopping at all. I spent the weekend out in the shop and I guess the dampness got into my back so I almost didn’t make it to work today and I doubt if I’ll be able to spend all day – but I had to get the blog done! I hadn’t noticed on Friday that Thursday was the most read day the blog ever had. This was after a pretty big spike a few weeks ago. I wish I had more for today but I can’t go around looking for stuff with my back like it is. Follow up on the Eastbay windshield – it got all done just in the nick of time as the boat left early Saturday morning. We got the window on about 5 Friday night. I showed you a custom exhaust riser last week that was very nice. In fact the Albin that I mentioned with the broken exhaust elbow has decided to let us have a replacement made for him from the same source. This will be a one piece elbow instead of the multiple parts that Yanmar uses for the same function.