The winds arrived several days ago and show no signs of stopping. We managed to meet all of our deliveries last week and should be able to do so again this week if we can keep people focused. That’s the hardest part of the spring rush is getting our people to recognize goals and do their part to make them happen – and to pay attention to what they are doing so no one has to go behind them to finish up. Enough of that though. The Shield Racing season must be beginning because John has Kevin doing some paint touch ups this morning. We will be moving 2 smaller boats into the paint tent later today or tomorrow morning. These will both be the same color and since they are small we can paint them together and save a bunch of time. We are swapping out tracks on a boom today for a dinghy lift. Unfortunately the old track took 1/4″ bolts and this one takes 5/16″ which means we have to redrill all the holes. We also started cutting the fuel tanks out of the GB42 on Friday. This always seems to go slower than I think it should. The metal scavengers were just here last week but by the end of the week they should be able to make a pretty good haul. This is NOT how we do it – this just looks scary. Plus we were wonder how you strengthen the glass from the inside when the new tank is place – doesn’t seem possible to make that area as strong as the original plus you are going to have a massive amount of weight over the repair when the tanks are full. httpv:// We are also totally emerged in varnish projects. This one was getting the eyebrow stripped and built back up. This is one of the boats that need to done by the weekend and we need to get it built up by then – that’s going to be a bit of a challenge as you can only put on one coat at at time.