After a gorgeous afternoon on Sunday we came in to some cold weather today. We have a lot of early deliveries this year – more than any year I can remember (although admittedly my memory is not what it once was.) This has put us into Moving Day today. Some boats need some attention that could not be given back in the hole – such as setting up scaffolding to finish compounding, varnish work in the dark, etc. Of course there is always something that holds up progress – such as people with too much time on their hands. On Friday we launched the 2nd boat of the season. This was the 32 with the new fuel tanks. The boat is not leaving yet but we had the owner coming this weekend and needed a dog and pony show. We also got a KVH TV antenna mounted on a mast late last week. This posed a bit of a problem since the owner supplied the parts. The bracket and the Antenna didn’t really mate up since both were female threads. Also one was NPT and the other was another tread. We had to chase the threads on one to recut and used a stainless hex nipple to connect them up. Worked like a dream! On the same boat we are installing a Fireboy Automatic Discharge system in the engine room. Pat was installing the mounting board and bracket this morning and will get wired up later today. We thought it would be done today but the ABYC now requires an indicator light at both helms that we had not done in the past so we have to order in another part.