Temperatures are back to normal this week – I even turned the heater on next to my desk for a little while to take the chill out of the air. March is as unpredictable as our priorities but it is always a sign that things are going to get REAL busy real soon. One project that is going to eat up some serious time is the Legacy that we are doing gelcoat cracking repair on. As you can see below we had to chase the cracks down pretty far. When you have small cracks they need to be deepened and widened to accept any kind of repair – it is impossible to fill them as they are. Since we took the whole top layer of gelcoat off we are building it back up with some glass. I think the plan is to get all surfaces smooth and then Awlgrip it all – but I seem to be out of the loop on this project and am basing my information on hearsay. I showed a stainless rudder on Friday with the paint falling off. You could see in the photo that the areas where the paint was falling off there was no primer. In order to get a good base we totally scraped it first. As you can see, there is some primer here and there. We like Pettit Underwater primer which is what we applied Friday afternoon. This morning we applied the tie-coat which goes between the metal primer and bottom paint. This should hold the paint and we will end up with a nice looking product instead of a rudder that looks patched. Another custom battery case – this one will hold 4 golf cart batteries.