One word – COLD!  The heat was off all weekend and I still haven’t gotten the office up to a workable environment. It may be an early day today.  The wind blew like hell all day yesterday and we did get the snow on Saturday so it seems like winter to me.  The polishing work has been put on hold until the temperatures come back up again. It is also too  cold to continue with the mast painting today but by tomorrow the temperature should be more spray friendly. We got some props off Friday which need some repair work – as you can see. We were replacing some batteries in a boat and found these fiberglass battery boxes. FYI, they won’t pass any kind of survey if they can’t contain acid spills. This must be replaced as we can’t reuse it under any circumstance. Since it is fiberglass it could be repaired but that would cost more than buying a new box. Work continued on the engine lifting on the tank replacement job. The winch was having some problems but that got solved and they had the engine up in the air. Now if we only had tanks. Off Topic John sent me a video that someone had sent to him. This is some pretty serious wave action. httpv://