Still no sign of REAL winter yet – not that I’m complaining. February could prove to be colder but hopefully not. I may be lonely tomorrow and Wednesday as John is talking about taking most of the guys down to Florida to take care of a few jobs on the boat is closing on. If that be the case the blog will be scant if at all for a couple of days. But I do have a couple of photos for today of some projects. We are putting hatch lifts on the lazarette of a GB42. We erred on the side of caution and put 40 lb lifts on but although they do help they didn’t achieve what we knew we wanted so we are swapping them out for some 60’s. With the bases already installed it is a simple swap out. We are also doing another swim platform repair – on the platform I showed in the blog last week. When I talked to the customer he said he forgot to mention that although he meant to. I came in with my son yesterday (on a Sunday – say it isn’t so Alan!) so he could weld up the mast brackets get the mast ready to paint. He just bought a real nice welder but we decided it is not really meant to do portable welding since there is a lot of gear and set up to get something done.             We also filled any holes in the mast that weren’t being used. This is to keep excess water out of the mast and to minimize the chances of the paint deteriorating at holes that weren’t being used. This will still need to be ground down a bit to be smooth.