Man oh man – did it get COLD over the weekend. This was just a fluke but it was a wake up call that winter is coming soon. I did take the afternoon off on Friday while it was still pleasant out and had a great time. The fall festival in Trappe seemed to be a success. I got my Ron’s Famous Pit Beef and went on home but there seemed to be a good crowd there. The only photo I got on Friday was Willy’s cool little app on his new phone – this one is a level and seems to work quite well. Fortunately, photos were taken of the tank cutting by someone who who was here.  In these photos evidence exists of pitting on the bottom inside of the tank. This pitting caused some leakage! This pitting is caused by water in the diesel fuel What is interesting about these tank photos is that the tanks had been leaking and residual deposits of dried and crystallized diesel fuel had built up causing flash fires during the tank removal project. This lengthened the job by a day as we had to slow down and be very careful as well as have a person with a fire extinguisher handy! This despite using the best in “No flash” compounds to prevent the accidental flashing or fires!