I guess I’m late this morning. I had to take my wife to the doctor this morning and did not get in until after lunch. I forgot to tell anyone last week so I’m sure they wondered since I am usually so predictable. I did swing in early and leave a note but I was afraid no one would find it.  This puts me far enough behind that I will have to make today’s posting pretty short.  It was a beautiful weekend and by the end of this week we will be getting into “pre-fall” weather – lower 70’s – and that’s something we have all looked forward to! The have now started the painting that was supposed to be done on Friday but due to a material snafu had to be delayed until today. After this gets done we can start reassembling and take care of the other work that needs to be done. The himalaya got done last week and is either off being re-varnished or actually in the boat – I haven’t confirmed either hypothesis yet. On the same boat, a step was split beyond reasonable repair. We just fabricated another one (apparently out of used teak). John did very well in the Shields races this week – taking first place in almost every race. These seats are out of his boat and he figures since it did so well it deserved a little special TLC .