Moderate Monday

We finally had the front come through and some pretty good rain today which has turned our frown upside down. It is absolutely lovely outside today and despite being Monday morning, moods are better than usual. The weekend was so miserably hot that it chased us out of the pool and into the air conditioning. The Legacy project is going well and should be ready to show by next week. We do have a few more projects that we want to do to it but it should show well by then. First thing Friday Carlos was removing the masking from the paint job. Later in the day we wheeled it outside to get all the dust and dirt off and to take some better photos. With all the hardware reinstalled it should look pretty darned good. Work on the GB42 continues with window painting. These needed a hard sanding to get them looking like they should. Our part time mechanic is putting the engine back in our lawn mower. After screwing around with this for multiple years, we finally sent it out for an overhaul. We just never have time to do stuff like that.