Misty Monday

After a cold rainy weekend we are experiencing a misty morning here in Trappe – damp beyond belief.  This has put a damper on some plans (insert groan here). The dampness got into my back on Saturday and is still reminding me that I am not a young person any longer. I can’t even get into any boats this morning to get photos. Does this mean another brief posting? Why I believe it does! We did pull a Navy 44 late Friday which is going to get a total paint job. This is going to be a ton of work since the decks are currently covered with some sort of vinyl material that all needs to come off and as is often the case with larger sailboats, there is a ton of hardware on the decks that will have to be removed before the prep work can begin. We didn’t get around to pressure washing the bottom until this morning – adding some pressurized mist to the mix! Kevin just finished a gel coat repair on a Chaparral 33 this morning and was kind enough to bring me a photo. You can see the marker line where the repair was done but it will be gone after some polishing. Color match is pretty good and the surface is flawless.