Cold, rainy, dismal and generally nasty outside. It may turn to snow later tonight, would that be better? I took the day off yesterday and went to the Wilmington train station with my son. On the way I spotted a Woodcraft store right outside the city – that made my day off even better as I picked up some exotic woods. But back here in the real world it is business as usual. They evidently pulled this freezer out of one boat for a replacement unit.

Bad unit?

They also got another build coat on the GB 47 yesterday – up to 4 coats now and starting to look pretty good. They did do a fairly heavy sanding (220 grit) after the last coat and will need to do one more good flattening sand before the final finish coats.

Almost flat

They are preparing to put some primer in the spots that were scraped down on the 2 boats in the back building. We will spot fill with primer and then spot paint with bottom paint before the full coat. This should seal these areas up and bring them to the same thickness as the rest of the bottom. Sometimes you can even get them to disappear.

The masked man

We have two different seat jobs in progress on Grand Banks flybridge helms. On long journeys, why not be comfortable? On this one the seat back is actually going to be  cut down to allow the seat to swivel and lean back for the total comfort trip. The other will not be so drastic. This photo shows the seat sitting up higher than it will be mounted.

sit on me

From the DIY Guy I found some photos on his camera chip while looking at something else and thought I would share this one. The transom door was saturated with water and here it is with the bottom taken out. Needless to say it was “right damp”.

damned damp

Midweek Pick Me Up httpv://youtu.be/VIks4Agdkis