I really don’t think I made myself very clear on Friday when I introduced the “boat promising guy”.  What I meant was that I have zero control on the launching schedule – say it with me – zero control.  Just so you know, he who controls the work force controls the schedule. The activity level we are experiencing is about 2 weeks early this year and we are trying to accommodate everyone. Yesterday I showed a dark hull boat getting polished. Even though it didn’t seem that warm out, the hull temperature was reading 140 degrees. The wax that the owner was using couldn’t stand that kind of heat. You know what happens to wax when it gets hot. We did get it looking pretty good by the end of the day. We still have to tackle the transom which was a bit more cloudy than the rest of the boat. With the hull looking so good we have to fix a few other items such as the thru hulls at the water line. This will detract from the overall look. The varnish guys don’t seem to get much recognition here – even though what they do is spectacular, it is boring to show them working. But not too boring for me so here you go. I had one customer who lamented to John that he hadn’t seen his boat in the blog yet. Here you go – open your wallet! The bottom guys went home tired yesterday they painted all day including another barrier coat job! We started out the day this morning pulling out the next boat that needs to be launched. It is easier to paint and finish off this boat with it out in the sunshine. At one time when we were importing Grand Banks we were a U-line distributor. Now that a lot of the boats we service are getting a bit older they are ready to replace icemakers with newer units so we got set up as a distributor again. If you are looking for an icemaker, give John a call.