Mid-week - Already

Time flies when you’re having fun – or on a short week. I’d personally like to see us go to a 4 day work week for later in the summer when work is slack and it’s just too hot for the guys to be out in the sun. Of course, that’s what I think every year yet work continues to come in which thwarts that plan. Today there is liquid sun and a bit of humidity – enough to energize the old air conditioning . That did change the game plan on one boat. We had the Rainbow all primed and yesterday just took care of a few of the dings that showed up after priming. When the rain came in today we decided to remove the mast and get the boat inside where weather was no longer a variable – boat gotta go! We will be able to finish it by the end of the week this way. The Albin 28 got primed yesterday. Now that the mad rush is over these jobs will get the attention they deserve. We do have more paint work lined up and waiting in the wings. And here it is almost ready for top coat. We need to fix a couple of small spots that just aren’t visible until the primer goes on. We also did the swim platform which need the same treatment since the gelcoat was faded and it takes so little extra time if you are already spraying. The fuel tanks are all done and are going in the boat as we speak. Below is the primer and the tanks are now white – which is better than the normal color of the GB tanks. I’m going to try to catch a photo of them going in. We removed one of the salon windows for the job. And here is where they are going to sit. When you do a tank job you have to decide how far you want to go with the engine room. We could make the whole ER look new – but that would take some serious cash! The only boat that actually didn’t make it in the water for the weekend was a little Grady White. He asked late and the engine hadn’t been serviced in years, the bottom was barnacled up and the boat was filthy. We just couldn’t squeeze it in with that much work nor could we launch it without doing the work. We got the bottom done yesterday and the engine work started.