I bet you think I’m here alone again — and you’d be right! I’m going to dig into the archives to duplicate a post I made back in 2008 since many of you probably had not even known about the blog then. It looks like we had paying work then.
Thursday, Oct 23
The paint job was finished in the cabin of the Grand Banks 42 yesterday. The results are “factory fresh”.
The windows on the Eastbay were removed after a successful dry fit. The edges of all the openings were sealed with epoxy now that we don’t need to do any more adjustments. Today the windows will start being permanently installed. We will also be permanently installing the overhead hatches that had been previously dry fit. We have a nice Cape Dory 28 in our Brokerage section that is in having some cosmetic work done. We are currently painting the rub rails which showed signs of carnival activity (someone had been playing bumper cars). I went down into the engine room of the Grand Banks 42 that is going to survey tomorrow. I was amazed at how bright it was – I had forgotten that we had installed nice engine room lights in this boat. The mechanic was double clamping all hoses below the water line and the maintenance crew had just finished cleaning and painting bilges. Looks good for survey.
Posted on 23 Oct 2008