You’re not going to believe it but this post is about the GB42 again!  There are so many jobs going on simultaneously that it is no problem coming up with topics. Of course the varnish work often puts a halt on most of the other ongoing work — not bad during sanding but when the varnish is wet there goes the day. We try hit the varnish at the end of the day.

09252 The rails will be going back on the boat today, in fact they just came it to get new screws and caulk. More about that tomorrow. Carlos was doing some last minute polishing on the legs before it gets installed.

09257 Someone emailed me to ask how the scroll portion comes off. There is one screw right behind the scroll work. After the rails are unfastened and this screw is out, it just slides off a little teak “slot tab?”.  Here is a shot of all the components. 09251 The engine room vents will need a bit more work. Remember how I told you we hate silicone. The tiniest bit of silicone will ruin a paint job. Since these were absolutely loaded with silicone a few tiny areas got contaminated and will have to be dealt with. I didn’t mention this yesterday but this something you will definitely want to spray rather than brush. You don’t need fancy spray equipment like we have though. A Preval Sprayer will work. 09253 Most (some) of the rails are on now — dry fit only.  We should be bedding these later. This is not a job for those with thin wallets, we are into for over 60 hours now and they are not complete. If this boat weren’t heading for the show I doubt very seriously if we would be doing it at all. 09256 If you see this boat at the show the name boards will say Grand Banks 42. As of now the boat doesn’t have an official name. 09254 We are also doing a bit of varnish work on the interior — we don’t have time to do it all but we are hitting any blaring problem areas. 0925509259 Midweek Pick Me Up Here is your quiz question. What popular top 40 band did Creed from the office play in? httpv://youtu.be/rPQ6Ocpdpvo Answer: The Grassroots