I’m thinking I don’t like these 5 day weeks too much. After 2 long weekends in a row I’ve kinda gotten used to them. Could it be time to go there? With most of the boats gone now there is the chance I could use up some of that accumulated vacation/sick time that is on the books. We’ll see. In lieu of boat moving as an early kick start, we did a bit of boat fueling. I could tell you stories about the fuel delivery guy but I won’t. Suffice it to say that bulbs come in different watts.

Watching real work

We have replaced many exhaust risers on Eastbays and have one being done right now. I did happen to notice this one was repaired with duct tape. Be forewarned this is dangerous. Duct tape can’t take the heat and does nothing to keep the exhaust fumes out of your boat. If you have a leaking riser (or any exhaust component) get it fixed properly immediately.

Finishing Rumseys job

The deck job got pretty much finished yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful day to be outside so no one mined (except for the obvious dust problem.)

Thats a pile o' dust

Izzy actually graduated from the ever-present dust mask to something a bit more industrial for this job.

WWII Gas Mask

And here is the finished result. We will go ahead and clean the low spots with Teak Brite Powder — you don’t want to take that much teak off.

Light Brown

This morning they jumped on to sanding the fairing compound from the bottom. Hopefully we can get the barrier coat started this afternoon.