I will a bit late posting tomorrow — I have the dreaded bi-annual visit to the dentist. I get one physical a year so it seems odd that I would have to get a teeth physical twice a year, but hey, I don’t make the rules. A lot of boat moving went on yesterday so I don’t have that many photos. We did unload a nice little Back Cove.

back cove

You gotta’ love duct tape – it has so many uses on a boat.


After the soda blasting was done we have to go around and fill all the holes and fair the hull. Pettit has a very good product for this called EZ Fair. This stuff has a very nice spreading consistency and just sands almost as easy as drywall compound — so it is appropriately named.

Curiouser and curiouser

The boat in the back lot has magically changed colors.

blue boy

Mid-Week Pick Me Up This may be called the Friday Song but today would be the day to participate. httpv://youtu.be/K6vyTM_qJAE