It’s a pretty good day in our neighborhood (thanks Mr. Rogers). The sun is shining and it should be in the 50’s again with no left-over snow lying around. In fact, we have our first real delivery this weekend and we had to pull this one out from way in the back. Not much to do on this one so it should be a piece of cake. We did need to polish the hull so we pulled on to put scaffolding up — but primarily to get it into the sun.


The dash panel on this boat wasn’t working properly — there’s something misaligned or something but in any case the hydraulic rams had bent due to the rubbing on the side. We got new rams but need to correct the problem before installing.

Helm job

I just happened to notice the top of the mast this morning. This seems to be a bit unusual but probably won’t be noticeable when the gear is installed.


Izzy was headed out to put the last coat of varnish on the Sabreliner. I saw him approaching with the vacuum cleaner. I didn’t bother to get his picture because all you would see is a dust mask (as usual). Maybe he owns stock in that company?


A little more fairing on the spotlight bracket. Since it was made out of plywood and we want a perfect surface it takes several fairings to get it perfectly flat for the Awlgrip.

Wrong material?

It sometimes seems we are only working on one or two boats but they are all over the yard all day. I tend to go out to the boats with the big work orders to check on things and that’s where I get my photos. There is usually a lot more going on than I am able to capture. Mid-Week Pick Me Up I was speaking to a customer about real careers and this just popped up. httpv://youtu.be/0L6uUPzqGSA