Time ends when you're having funTime just flies when you’re having fun. Of course if you’re not having fun it goes the other way! It is pretty cold out there today but should be back up to 50 for the weekend. We can’t let a little cold weather slow us down since spring is just around the corner now. We did a 1,000 service on some Caterpillar engines and found a few problems (that’s why you do them!) You have done yours, right?  We found cracks in the after cooler which could not be repaired. We had to heat it up in the shop just a bit to get the gasket glued on. Metal gets cold out there. You wouldn’t want to pay the invoice on this part!

Expensive part

Also while reassembling the rest of the engine(s) we left a few parts off that were desperate for painting. Painting parts is not included in a 1,000 service but any good mechanic will recommend it.

Paint me please

We are rebedding a window on the Trawlercat today. Well to be truthful, we are pulling it out today and will bed it later in the week when the temperatures rise a bit. You don’t want to do much caulking when it is in the 30’s.  You can see the signs of leaking here:

little brown spot

This will require a bit of patience and a whole lot of acetone to get the old bedding and frame out. I noticed at least one window had a bead of caulk along the top of the frame. This type of repair may work for a while but the caulk left exposed like that will tend to crack and pull off or discolor/mildew.

slice it off