Mild conditions prevail even though winter could come back and bite us in the arse at any time. As bad as we want it, there is still quite a ways to go until spring arrives.  As usual, there is always compounding to do in preparation for warm weather polishing. Yes Torsten, it's your boat We do make suggestions from time to time. This would be one place where we would recommend a wee bit of paint. This could use something bright As on every day, we do some work on the Legacy. Yesterday they finished the initial sanding and swept up and washed the dust off the boat. There will be a bit of filling and smoothing to go before we actually prime the hull. Clean up time The battery box is mounted beneath the forward berth in the 43. We had to remove part of the center support to achieve this but it only went full length because that was the easiest way to construct it. There is plenty of support for a solid plywood platform supported all the way around the perimeter. Put your sunglasses on, that thing is bright Mid-week Pick Me Up httpv://youtu.be/xtUV0oyije4