I did go home yesterday — right after posting and although it didn’t make me feel any better today, it sure made me feel better yesterday. I didn’t seem to miss anything that demanded my attention, unlike today where I am swamped with boat sales tasks. Everyday we get more boats out of the water and yesterday was no exception. We have changed one thing though. Any boat that is over about 35 feet now gets hauled on this side of the marina. It is faster and safer to use the big lift on these. The older lift is fine for small boats. The rest of the crew is still prepping the Eastbay 38 for it’s long journey. We found a bad blower yesterday and had to replace that first thing this morning. It was working for the survey but we found it to be loud and questionable. I finally caught someone in the engine room. They had put all the new filters on yesterday and today they were putting the fresh oil into the engines. They can wrap it up in there this morning. We sent the canvas off to be serviced by Price’s Yacht Canvas and we had to secure the frame for the ride. The best way to do this is with heavy duty wire ties. These boys will not come loose by vibration. Mid-Week Pick Me Up In honor of trucking the Eastbay out, this seems appropriate: httpv://youtu.be/WcaDj5oyLa0