The mornings are still pleasant enough. We have almost a full crew today although the mechanic is over in Oxford doing a 1,000 hour service on some CAT engines. Some people ignore this but it is important to keep up with this to ensure the longevity of your engines. The varnish guys spent the week over there last week in the brutal heat and are glad to be back over here where they can work inside a building out of the sun. The inside work for the varnish and paint guys was to prime the windows yesterday. We used to use Interlux Britesides for windows but this time our Pettit Rep has talked us into using Easypoxy – which for all intents and purposes is the same product with a different label. He assures us that it flows as nice and lasts as long and that’s good enough for me. Pettit has been good to us and the products speak for themselves. It already looks pretty good with just the primer – nice and flat. When we get the top coat on, it should look perfect. Angus was pretty proud of it this morning when I walked out there. Willy started out this morning running new cable out to the bulkhead outside the front door to install 30 amp service out there.  Evidently it was fairly cool out there under that tree. We are sticking John’s Starboat into the rotation.  Yesterday Rumsey started on the tiller replacement. This looks a bit weak. He had to glue some teak to get the thickness he needed. I mentioned that a lot of tillers are laminated with complimentary woods for the effect but we didn’t have anything appropriate in stock so we are going basic. The owner of the GB42 was able to get his broken stuffing box out with Willy’s help this morning and is off to give it a muratic acid bath this morning before taking it to the machine shop to have the bolt drilled out and the threads repaired (if necessary).