The rain moved out after a full day with heavy rain at times. It is nice and cool out there with some nice ray action going on. There is still plenty of work to keep the whole crew busy. We have 3 boats over in Oxford with fairly sizable work orders. It is a bit harder to work over there as the inventory and tools are over here but we manage to get things done. A few more things to show on the GB42. Since the boat is for sale prospects will be happy to see the new sanitation hoses – that can be a real put-off if you are looking at a boat and the white hoses have turned black due to permeation of waste. The deck fills on the fuel tanks are a bit different than we have used before. The beauty of these is that no deck key is needed to open them. The built-in handle pops up when needed and then pushes down when you are finished. The primary push yesterday was getting the mast done for the other Grand Banks we are working on. This mast is very different as it ties into the bimini and holds a plethora of electronics equipment. I can’t really say it is the most attractive mast we have done. It is a case of function over form. There was a lot of prep work to get this ready for paint including the mast base, all the new brackets, etc. Over on the Albin we had one guy doing engine room clean up. This boat is also going into brokerage and when someone looks down there we want it to shine. That may mean a little paint. Carlos also spotted a few deal breakers down there that should be dealt with. At some point there must have been some equipment leaking or some other source of errant water down there as some of the equipment is a bit rusty. Small pumps could be pulled out, de-rusted and painted but the labor would cost as much as a new pump.