Manic Monday

Goes hand in hand with Frantic Friday which is how we ended the week. Some guys actually worked over the weekend. Still 2 weeks until Memorial Day but only one week until my birthday with is the 20th and as we know, Alan takes the day off for his birthday. They started off moving boats first thing as is usual.

Moving out

This is the quickest mast job to date. From stripping and sanding on late Friday (around 5 pm) to completed paint job and reassembly on Monday. I didn’t inspect the paint too closely but it looked fine from camera distance. Have we set a new goal for future mast work?

Masked men

Almost ready

The boot and  cove job turned out great.  This was going on late Friday and the unveiling also happened over the weekend.

Hard to tell

Notice how blue it looks with the masking on it compared to the finished product out in the sunlight.

Pretty sharp

We were also back on the keel repair first thing this morning since we got that stripe job done. This won’t take that long now that the fairing is dry.

More keel

From The Workshop I appreciate the nice comments on my Urchin Ornaments. This weekend it was all about Mother’s Day (which I forgot to mention in the blog on Friday — my apologies mothers!) One is a potpourri pot and the other is a little lidded box. Smells goodStash box