Looking Up

The wet has moved out for a day and the sun is shining. It also near-fifty and will break that by lunch time. This improves moods greatly. In fact, it is nice enough to have Carlos and Izzy start some compounding to get a jump start on the spring rush.  I showed you a gel coat repair yesterday and here it is all compounded out. The only down side is that the surrounding area looks a little sad compared to the shine that is on the repair. The bow thruster installation proceeds – today they are mounting the motor and beginning the wiring. As you can see, it is a bit cramped to do this job. We got the mast out of the Navy 44 yesterday (in the rain). No one was real happy about – including the crane operator! This afternoon we will be removing the engine from the boat. This is a lot easier than removing one from, say a Grand Banks. It should go straight up through the companionway.