Keeping you guessing

Is he going to post today or not! Almost didn’t. You know how fowl I get when my feathers are ruffled. And to top it off, our phones are out. We had a service appointment lined up for one line and now the main line also went out which I can only assume is rain-related. If you have to call you may need to call John on his cell phone at 410-924-3258 or you can call me at 911. The work continues on the Legacy where more hardware was removed for the impending paint job. Check out all that silicone hanging down in there!

vent be gone

We did run into a snag on removing the little cap rail at the front where the deck needs to be repaired. We did find access but each screw needs to have fiberglass ground away to access the head — in a very confined space. Nothing is ever as easy as it seem!

She be tight

We are working diligently on estimates this morning and this afternoon for several boats . If you are waiting for estimates we may have you covered!