It's Friday!

There is only a 90% chance of rain today – those are odds that are hard to beat. The boats that were on the launch list all made it yesterday so the yard crew is not destined to work in the rain today. And of course, I wouldn’t be getting wet any way so it really doesn’t matter to me. Things seem to be moving fast and furious now. With customers calling every day, at some point we will consider ourselves to be “behind”.  It is primarily mechanical work that will catch us – there is too much work for one mechanic and not enough  for two. Please remember, John makes all scheduling decisions.     The boat above needs to have some checking and adjusting to rectify a slight vibration problem. Pat needs to check the couplings and shafts while the engine is running. Unfortunately the shots below show where he needs to be to do the job properly. Ah, you gotta love Cetol – especially wet Cetol! If you use gas… in your engine or dinghy outboard, remember to treat it! The ethanol will cause deterioration of rubber hoses and separate in the tank. We try to add it as part of commissioning when possible. We prefer StarBrite Star-Tron after trying pretty much all the brands on the market.   Anything Can Happen Friday A few weeks ago I linked to an under water river. This week the link is to the Most Beautiful River in the world. I have to admit this is pretty awesome looking. As an afternote I have to thank the people who clicked on the occasional Amazon links I provided during the last quarter and helped me earn a whopping $3.82 – I can taste retirement now!