Home alone

Give me a callI seem to be the only one here today. I was using this opportunity to do some bookwork which was getting behind due to constant interruptions – but to tell the truth, I was getting a bit lonely. Suddenly I had a lot of customers come in which gave me enough human interaction to continue. Since no one is working today, I am doing a bit of a brief blog. I had a salesman stop in this morning with a Navisafe light for me to look at and this thing was pretty awesome. It felt like a quality item and I immediately though of things I could use it for (non-boat related). Here is a video on it: httpv://youtu.be/vTxR8oLoSf8 And you can buy one (of course) at Amazon Non-Testimonial I had a client who came in this morning who had made some teak pads to mount navigation lights on. There was a high gloss finish on the teak that looked like many coats of varnish.  It was actually a product called Pelucid by Por-15, Inc. This will be a test but he said he talked to the manufacturer who said it would be perfect for this. Hopefully, he’ll let me know after it has been out in the sun for a full season. The website is Por-15.com The DIY Guy One customer took his wheel home to help with the separation anxiety from having the boat in storage. Of course he had to have a project for the winter as well. Turned out great didn’t it? Wheels afire