My wife is off today so President’s Day must be a real holiday. Sounds like a lame excuse for government employees to get more time off than us trencheants (sorry, I made that word up for those in the trenches) Although it will be much warmer later in the week (63 on Friday), today it is still quite cold. 02172We found that the metal was not too bad on the after-cooler on the Cummins engine so a repair was in order. You can see the steps in the preparation for silver soldering the joint. 02176    02174 Ever try to put a round peg in a square hole in one of your pre-schooler’s toys. It actually works as long as you have tools available (which the toddler does not have access to). It may be more educational for the child if you provided the tools to think outside the box. 0217302175 Office Update We are putting in a slat board wall in the office to try to organize the various inventory that is so in your face when you walk in the front door. John had this left over from his garage remodel. We have some shelving brackets and other assorted fittings ordered to tidy this up — hopefully by the end of the week. Looks much grander than the pegboard. 02178 Shop Update It was nice and toasty in my shop this weekend — which may be why I had other people in there most of the weekend. Consequently I didn’t get a whole lot done. I did make an awesome new tool that cuts like a dream. I used some bar stock from my son, a piece of cherry out of the scrap bin and a new carbide cutter. 0217102177After everyone cleared out Sunday afternoon I did want to try this tool out so I just turned a top from the cherry left over from turning the tool handle. This top spins sweet in normal orientation but I then spent forty five minutes and two beers learning to spin it upside down. I took a short  video of it doing so. [quicktime][/quicktime]