I was hoping it was going to be an early day today due to the heat but it seems there is a change of plans. We were supposed to go to a 4 day week until the weather was more cooperative but evidently that only applied to 1 guy. We started out in frantic mode when a new customer showed up about opening time to get hauled out. Someone knew about this but nobody else did. Fortunately, everyone was pretty close to being on time so we didn’t look like “bungle bees”. The boat was a Chaparall 33 which the owner just took possession of a few weeks ago. It had been sitting down here in the tropic waters of the Eastern Shore and the outdrives needed a little cleaning up in addition to a new set of batteries for the boat. Yesterday, the guys who weren’t on the road were working the GB42 window / paint job. Part of every big job is to pad all the decks to protect the boat. Since we are painting the cabinsides, we needed to remove the hand rails and the vents. You can also see we inserted cardboard in the window holes to keep debris and dust out of the boat during the prep work. We are also making a new face for the dash on another Eastbay 43 for a customer who is getting new instruments. We removed the old one from the boat to use as a template and just use a router with a template bearing to cut the new one. Anything Can Happen Friday For those of you tech-friendly readers, I had mentioned trying to program an app for boat maintenance logs. Well with just a little research I was able to find one already built that has more functions than you will probably ever need.  It is called Boating Suite and is available from the itunes store or from the developer’s site.  With expense log, maintenance log, fuel log and other functions, it should do everything you need. Check out the details – it looks pretty sweet! I also found links to a host of other apps on the website from charts to weather and a whole lot more. Take a look.