Another Friday means another weekend coming up. Next week we should have a few more people back — we were down to 3 yesterday and one of those was off the property interfacing electronics at a customer’s dock and one was over in Oxford giving the Legacy a washdown for a potential buyer. We did have our friend Wayne back in this week to do a bit of veneer repair in the GB42 we have been working on. There were a couple of areas under the windows where the veneer was water stained. It’s almost impossible to sand water damage out of veneer. On the narrow sections he elected to glue new veneer right over the existing veneer. It is so thin that it won’t make a discernible difference in the look and the whole section buts up to trim. These are cut to select the grain so he used multiple narrow pieces to fill. Here it is dry fit. The flat space on the corner however need to have the old veneer removed because an overlay would be proud to the trim. It is easy enough to get the old veneer off in a spot light this — just a bit of chisel work. And here it is with the new veneer. A little sanding, a little sealer and a few coats of satin varnish and it should disappear for all intents and purposes. Meanwhile, up above, Angus is varnishing the teak trim before we install the new flybridge windshield. Most of the boat has Cetol but this area had varnish which was salvageable so a good sanding and a few coats of some Flagship should make this whole area spiffy. We started out today launching the EB43 which has the engine partially installed. We want it to sit in the water for the weekend because it is going to need an engine alignment. After a boat has sat out of the water it needs to “rest” in the water to take back it’s natural state before doing an alignment — that’s only if you want a proper alignment of course. Anything Can Happen Friday It’s amazing how many people now have smart phones and there seems to be an app for everything. Here are a few you may be interested in: Rules of the Road This should be self-explanatory Anchor Alarm – Sets and monitors your position, and lets you know when the hook is dragging. Clam Tide   Finds your location and gives you a week’s worth of tide predictions. Weather Alert  A simple weather notification app that warns you of dangerous weather in your area. Just for Fun httpv://