After a long vacation it is hard to re acclimate to the standard routines that are my existence. But we did make it through and have a mild week end to look forward to. We also got a lot accomplished for the first week back. Let’s continue with the bow thruster tube. I erroneously mentioned we may be starting the glass work yesterday but that was delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. It is ready however. Notice that the bottom paint and gelcoat have been ground off to allow us to do the fiberglass work. After the tube was inserted we could make rough cuts to get the tube close to the length and shape we needed. There is a bit of extra tube that will be ground to the shape we want. I’ve seen some pretty extreme lips on the leading edge but all that is needed is enough to keep water from getting caught on the back edge of the hole and creating drag on the boat. And speaking of bow thrusters, we have found that to get the props painted properly they do need to be removed. It is impossible to just paint the faces and have any kind of barnacle protection. With the props removed, you can also paint the lower unit on the thruster – and get some more paint in the tunnel. The Deal I did have someone take advantage of Deal 111 yesterday. I did a slightly better deal than advertised – you can just never guess what I’m going do! Here is how the bilge on this boat looks now. Look for a new deal next week. Anything Can Happen Friday I may not have mentioned that I got a Kindle for Christmas. That little thing is sweet. I got the Kindle Touch and it is only $99. Imagine carrying hundreds of books on those long cruises with virtually no space usage. If you have one you can go to the kindle store and pick up the History of Dickerson Boatbuilders for only 99 cents. Other items of interest to take along on your cruise may be: Quick and Easy Boat Maintenance (a Boating Magazine publication) Heavy Weather Boating Emergencies: What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong NAVIGATION RULES by the United States Coast Guard