It’s a dismal day here in Trappe and the threat of cold rain seems to be imminent. Things get a bit boring during winterizing season. How much can I say and how many pictures can I post about this? Let’s find out. I have found that customers like to see their boats here (right Frank?). And Willy loves to see his photo every day. Maybe he is more photogenic than I give him credit for. We also happen to notice things when we pull boats. Like these high-tech dinghy chocks. Salt treated lumber works just as good as teak or mahogany  if you don’t care about aesthetics. And how many of these do we see every year. We do provide heavier duty platforms if this is a recurring problem for you. We have all sorts of boats coming in for storage – more variety than we see the rest of the year, which is pretty interesting if you just plain like to look a boats like me. Anything Can Happen Friday Tired of emails full of obscurantism -something I’m quite familiar with, try the online Summerizer. Just cut and paste to get the gist of what your email or other document is actually trying to say. I was also told to mention Tank Dickerson and Deck Dickerson – so consider them mentioned.