With TrawlerFest going on in Baltimore,  there was not much activity here yesterday – or today for that matter. So today’s posting will be a short item I got in an email from – the ZF Pod Drive:
The ZF POD 4000 Series was designed to accept a maximum of 1200-hp. Note the eight rubber mounts that attach the pod — and its driving force — to the boat’s stringers and not to the hull or the engine.
If you own or plan on owning a large boat with engines up to 1200-hp, then you need to read this. We recently had a chance to conduct a full test of the ZF POD 4000 series drive system (with joystick) installed on a 76–foot motoryacht where it propelled our 106,000-lb. (48,181-kg.) test boat to an impressive top speed of 34.3 mph. Not only that, but the easy joystick maneuvering and docking that we have been experiencing for the last four years on 40-footers is now possible for big motoryachts and convertibles. Anything Can Happen Friday I really wanted to put the video I’m on a boat, but didn’t think it would be appropriate, so I offer this censored version. httpv:// I did find a censored copy of the original at