First Day of Spring

Well we made it to Spring and although it doesn’t really feel like it, according the calendar it has arrived. So for our primaveral activity we seem to be hauling a boat. As often happens, I don’t know why or even who’s boat it is.  I am unilluminated.

Capt Chaos

I do know that the console was moving about in this Intrepid. The whole unit would shake when the boat was under power. To access the inside we had to move a lot of equipment and then crawl in through a lilliputian sized hatch – which was no small task for Pat.


The plan is to use stainless angle iron to brace it to the side. We originally thought that the fiberglass tabbing may have broken but it seems there wasn’t any there. So I guess it wasn’t broken after all.

He got the whole thing in his hand

The Vernal Equinox The equinox is an event that happens in Earth’s orbit around the sun. Simultaneously, it happens on the imaginary dome of our sky. The imaginary celestial equator is a great circle dividing the sky into Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The celestial equator wraps the sky directly above Earth’s equator. At the equinox, the sun crosses the celestial equator, to enter the sky’s northern hemisphere. On the Vernal Equinox day and night are exactly 12 hours each. Venereal EquinoxRead more at the Earth Sky website.