Finally Friday

I came close to “pulling a Willy” today (calling in too sick to work) except I never go around to doing payroll yesterday – which according to the guys is the only thing I’m good for. The stress of missed deadlines and last minute problems wears on some people whereas some people thrive on the challenge. You can guess which category I fall into. I seem to remember that this is an annual occurrence and only the promise of my day off for my birthday gets me through this period. Please,  don’t send presents! Work continues on the Albin 28. You may remember that I posted a photo of the area where the thru hulls are located that needed repair. This has to be done now – since most of the damage is surface related we used some 3M High-Strength Filler to fix the surface. I also showed a boat with a lot of flaking and peeling at the water line. This has been hard sanded down, primed with Pettit Tie-Coat and had a good quality ablative paint applied. There are some other areas that need addressing next year but due to budgetary constraints the owner has elected to fix the problems over time. I know the feeling! We are swapping a stove top for full range on one boat. The cook top was one we had in stock that had seen only limited usage. This only required a few new parts to make this cook top look like it was always in the boat. We had a customer who just sold his boat and the surveyor thought that one of the cutlass bearings needed replacement because he noticed a little bit of play. John showed them that although both of the shafts are 2″ – they aren’t necessarily exactly 2″. Anything Can Happen Friday Don’t have anything real interesting but you will really like this video – I guarantee it! httpv://