EOW - Friday the 13th

I find myself totally alone today. Everyone else has the day off. Ouch! that hurts. I do have the music up a little louder today and should be able to remain stress-free as long as I am totally alone. They pulled John’s other sailboat yesterday and did quite a bit of barnacle scraping. Bottom paint made for racing isn’t necessarily the best for keeping barnacles off. You get to pay more for more opportunities to haul your boat. 09131 The Albin 28 electronics install continues. The dash is where all the magic happens and the optimal layout can be a challenge.  In this case the Garmin screen takes up the lions share of the console which means moving everything that is there now. 09132 It can then go on the bench for trial and error layout schemes to find the optimal layout. Lot of measuring and masking tape is used for this. 09133 Then the actual cutting can begin. In this case we will use an overlay. For a significantly more amount of money we can actually rebuild and gelcoat the console to factory blank condition. It’s an aesthetic thang! 09134 The Federal Work Project is moving right along. Not too much leaning on shovels (at least while I was out there.) 09135 Anything Can Happen Friday httpv://youtu.be/E7RaMtVtAfI