EOW - Better late than never

I am late posting today (very late). I made another one of my rare trips to Oxford — mainly to get some photos for the blog. I did mention the items being worked on over there. First the swim platform repair: 08166 And the teak deck repair. They used a whole lot of caulk in this small area. Many of the seams were just shot After a weekend of drying time, sanding will be in order for early next week. 08167 I had showed an Eastbay 43 getting a new top. The canvas guy finally got everything on the boat now and it looks great. It probably has more headroom than any other express boat out there (the owner is a TALL guy!) 0816308164 They were down to putting in the shelves in the custom icebox. We found nice custom shelf hardware from — where else, McMaster.com. 08165 On the marina front, I see the electricians have started the wiring out to the new slips. Not sure when that will be done — it’s still a bit of a construction site right now but we have great plans. 08162 John was talking about converting the old railway into a boat ramp to pull boats up to do work. It does have the right slope. I wonder how far out the concrete ends? 08161