It’s a scramble today – the impending storm is starting to wake people up. From weather.com: Though we feel that it’s likely Sandy will hit some portion of the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic coast, there remains uncertainty with the exact timing, location and magnitude of the worst impacts. The forecast involves a rare, complex atmospheric setup that will allow the system to pivot back to the northwest into the region rather than simply moving out to sea. Surprise, we can only haul so many boats a day so we may not be able to haul you today!  A day late and a dollar short, we are finally changing the tires on the small lift today. We could have  scheduled more boats to be hauled today had we known that annual storms are inevitable. We did get more boats out yesterday so I’ll only bore you with one photo. This was a challenge as the boat was left in a slip with the cover on and we had to pull it to the travel lift slip while working around the cover. Anything Can Happen Friday Hurricane Facts

The United States Weather Bureau calls a wind a hurricane when it blows as fast as 74 miles an hour.

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew blew across southern Florida at speeds of 140-160 mph (225-258 kph). In terms of property loss, Andrew was one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit North America. The property devastation was massive. Entire communities were wiped out and had to be rebuilt. Hurricane Andrew left 50 people dead and caused over $25 billion in damages.

For a hurricane to survive, the water temperature must be at least 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit and the surface winds must converge.

For more hurricane facts, see this website. Just for Fun I may have had this song last year (maybe a different version), but it is so appropriate and so fine! httpv://youtu.be/BKlGNmVU2kY