It should hit the mid-forties today and that’s a good thing. My right leg keeps getting hot from the little heater under my desk.  Thinks should move quickly apace once the guys are warm enough to be limber again – you know how stiff things get when they get cold. Next week looks like a lot of rain but primarily in the 30’s. Work on the paint booth continues and not moving as quickly as we’d like but as quickly as possible. 01312 01313 We also have other projects going on as well. We are removing some portlights from this Eastbay to fix some rotten plywood surrounding them.  This plywood is covered by by formica but can’t be removed until the portlight is out. The secret to this is acetone. Kevin puts acetone in a West Glue Syringe to inject it along the seem. This softens it up just enough to start driving a thin, stiff putty knife in. Work slowly and keep injecting. Also, on this particular boat as on many Eastbays, the trim ring is fiberglass and WILL BREAK if you are not careful (we know from experience). 01311I Get A Lot Of Mail 01314This one from one of my suppliers. I just put one of these next to my desk at home (not Hubbell). It’s nice to be able to charge my phone and mp3 player without tethering them to my laptop which has limited USB ports on it.  If you can use a screwdriver you can change out an outlet in your boat where you need it.  The Hubbell Wiring Systems USB15X2W USB Receptacle is available at Amazon.  Anything Can Happen Friday Not so cold today so we don’t need a Deep Freeze today and can avoid things related to cold – frankly I’m tired and bored with cold as you guys probably are too. Let’s do something a bit different. httpv://youtu.be/qk2X-F2JEZA