We do have work going on over here today – specifically the Legacy 28 and the Albin 28. The core group is still up north but with the work we are doing we’ll make out just fine. The boys are doing some insulation repair/replacement on the Legacy.


This is just a glue up under here. Heavy duty 3M spray adhesive does the trick most of the time. When things are suspended by adhesive only they only work as well as the effort spent getting the surface clean before applying the adhesive.


Meanwhile down on the ground, Carlos works the engine hatch. After the bulk of the foam was off the surface I set him up with some lacquer thinner to soften the old glue. It is pretty messy and gooey, but gets the job done. The problem with this particular section is it is right above the engine (and not far above) so the heat causes premature deterioration of the foam. This actually separates from itself, not from the adhesive.


And here is the finished process — all ready for adhesive.


Anything Can Happen Friday The biggest ship in the world – aren’t you glad you aren’t footing the bill for the fuel?


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