Short post today since I got in late. I did get a totally clean bill of health and on a slight lecturing on the things I do that I shouldn’t. I did suggest to her that she add going to work to that list. She didn’t disagree. This is the last photo of the bow thruster since it is a done job now. They bumped the motor just to be sure it worked and it does. They were installing the zincs when I left the building. I think you’ll agree it is a nice profile and smooth transition.

Nice job

And the speckled primer work is now a uniform job. This did fill in a bit of the depressions but it is by no means a totally flat surface but without stripping a lot of paint, it is the best we could hope for in the hours we had to do the job.

That mo' betta

And speaking of removing bottom paint, we have 3 or 4 boats wanting that this season and the first one is underway. Due to environmental regulations we sub this out to people who specialize in mobile services. They take great care in tenting and collecting the waste.


Our friends Zander and Kate have cruised in for a haulout to do a bit of bottom work. I have a link to their website on the sidebar but I’m not sure anyone pays any attention to those items, so visit their blog at Gildive Cruises.


Anything Can Happen Friday A friend sent me this and I feel obliged to share it with you. Empty your bladder first though! httpv://youtu.be/Q5mHPo2yDG8