We are over the hump – ’tis Thursday already. I just took a walk around the yard but have no idea where anyone may be working – it seems to be a ghost town out there. I’m not that “fleet of foot” yet to be investigating all the boats to find some work going on. Here is an artist’s rendering of the final paint on the window after the plugs were filled and primed. It was done but I couldn’t crawl up on the boat so it should look exactly like this: I got a couple of nice comments about my link to the gate spring so I am going to share another secret parts tip with you. If your spreader light burns out on a Grand Banks, don’t go to a marine store. Go to McMaster Carr and pay a helluva lot less. Here is a direct link: I have spent the biggest part of my morning dealing with the State of Maryland. It is hard to ignore a government agency that is willing to spend $400 to collect $150. Of course, they have to justify the vast number of employees that they have by assigning them trivial, repetitious work. One would also think that if you were sponging a living off the tax payers, you could show a little respect to those tax payers. Oh well, I digress… Boat sales seem to be picking up now that spring is just around the corner. Selling the Krogen in the dead of winter was a fluke, but now that the end of winter is in sight we are getting calls, appointments and expect a contract today on a GB42.  Surveyors are coming and going and things are looking good!