This is the final countdown. Everyone is out working their little butts off in hopes of not sugar plums but actually getting out on time.  It is sunny and cold today with quite a bit of wind going on.  It looks like my prediction for a white Christmas will be wrong. Maybe Sunday. I had to go into town this morning to pick up some parts and made a shortstop at the liquor store so we can at least have some semblance of a party here later this afternoon. I smugly set a couple of 6’s of St. Pauli’s Girl on the counter. As the clerk was boxing them up I happened to notice that they were “non-alcoholic”. What a surprise that would have been for us! I was glad I caught in in time! The Cat engines are being reassembled today ( I was picking up the CAT extended life antifreeze in town). All the parts with deteriorated paint have been refinished and were drying overnight. The heat exchangers were all cleaned and new gaskets were installed This door track was bedded at the bottom – not at the top and the bedding did not quite reach the screw holes which allow water to intrude and trap moisture – which actually started to rot the wood. We had to cut out a strip of fiberglass and chisel the rot out. We used teak to fill the channel for two reasons. The sill holds a lot of weight since it is a sliding door track sill. Secondly, teak will not rot. We are using West Systems gel which is a new product perfect for gap filling and strength – both of which we needed for this operation. This davit base had significant moisture readings. The bedding had failed quite a while back and now water had seeped in and was trapped there. Fortunately it was easy to chase it out before any serious damage was done. I may have been wrong yesterday about a company luncheon – it looks more like the picture on the left – good thing I bought some beer! Thank you all for being loyal readers throughout the year. Hopefully we will have good solid content for you over the winter season. Happy Holidays!!